Myrtle Beach - Why Go Anywhere Else?

Myrtle Beach has the draw that many people answer every year. The wide array of business, fun and sun combine to make this one of the premiere destinations in the world. Are you looking for a relocation spot? Or do you plan to retire and spend some time having a little fun? This could be practicing your golf swing, roaming the beaches, finding your cozy cottage by the sea or are you the gated community type?

Have You Come to Myrtle Beach to Live?

Whatever your style, there is definitely a place for you in Myrtle Beach. The easy style of living that is indicative of this area of the country is known for the laid back life and the charm of Southern hospitality. Myrtle Beach invites you to come find your niche in the many that they have to offer.

If you are looking to relocate, Myrtle Beach is a hub of activity when it comes to business opportunities. The businesses are abundant. Whether construction, real estate, the legal or medical profession or the retail trade is your forte you will find Myrtle Beach has the opportunities. Maybe you want to further your education. If so, you will have a choice of many schools that range from fashion to medical to business.

This is the spot for opportunities galore. If you are relocating brace yourself to see the most beautiful homes built by the country's best builders. The areas from which to choose are numerous as well. You can live on the golf course if this is your dream home. Do you desire seclusion or would you rather be in the midst of it all? Homes for any budget and any taste are available for your perusal.

No matter what type of home you are seeking, you will find that one of the best realtors in the business is Lisa Duncan-Wellons. Lisa is a realtor with one of the top listing agencies in Myrtle Beach, Fitzgerald Realty. Put your trust in this broker to find your dream home. She has many listings and among you will be sure to find ‘the one.' If you need 6 bedrooms or 2, just give Fitzgerald Realty a call and ask for Lisa. She will get your preferences and soon you will be browsing some of the most gorgeous homes in your chosen area.

The homes in Myrtle Beach do not seem to be affected by the same troubles the rest of the country is experiencing. The homes here are maintaining their value and waiting any longer to invest in this market will probably find the prices going up. Whether you are here to visit or to relocate one of the things you will definitely want to check out are the sites and activities. See why Myrtle Beach is the number one vacation, relocation, and just plain fun area to spend time.


Have You Come to Myrtle Beach to Play?

Fourteen million people cannot be wrong. This is the number of people who come to play in the sun and the sand every year in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. What is the magic that pulls throngs of people to this area of the world?

Is it Barefoot Landing in North Myrtle Beach? Along the Intracoastal Waterway, this is the natural beauty that relaxes the body and spirit. The water and sea breezes gently caress your skin as you stroll along the boardwalk. The salty smell of fish is in the air. This is truly one of the most relaxing areas you will ever visit.

Maybe it is the Premiere Resorts Championship golf courses at Barefoot Resort. The Love Golf Course is an 18 hole course with the challenges of marshes, sand and pine trees. The best way to work on your golf game while enjoying the natural beauty of the land and the Intracoastal is at this #1 rated course.

It could be Wild Water and Wheels. This is going to be one of the most exciting vacations you and your family will experience. From the bumper boats to the tube slides, mat slides and speed slides the fun never ends. The junior races for the kids give them the excitement of driving their own race cars. If golf is still rushing through your head, play a few rounds of mini golf with the kids.

Dolphin tours are another of the many activities waiting for those who have come to enjoy the natural attributes of the area. Take a two hour Jet Ski tour and explore the habitat of the dolphins. The Intracoastal heads into the Atlantic Ocean after swirling through Murrells Inlet. The ocean will allow you to have an experience unlike any other and carry you safely back to land. No matter what is luring you to Myrtle Beach you will be glad you heeded the call.