Grande Dunes - Myrtle Beach, SC

One of the nicest developments we've found, in our tour of Myrtle Beach, is the Grande Dune set of developments. Named for the world class beach access of the same name, Grande Dune provides comfortable, spacious homes with access to South Carolina's famous beaches.

Grande Dunes redefines luxury living - homes are built for an open, airy architecture, and many have energy saving amenities like triple paned glass, and structural shading to keep the house comfortable in the summer time. Most have easily opened windows so that the sea breeze can be let in. Because the development is between the Atlantic and the Intracoastal Waterway, there's plenty of sea air access to all the homes, and many of them have boating access - slip ways for you to hitch up your boat. Several types of boats are popular in this region, and the boating community is quite strong, holding cookouts and classes to help new residents take up this hobby. The private marina has 130 slips available for rent if your property doesn't have direct water access.

If retained value in your home is important, the Grande Dunes properties have been relatively untouched by the collapsing housing market, in large part because they're owner-occupied homes, rather than "speculation properties" bought with an Adjustable Rate Mortgage on the hopes that housing prices would continue to climb forever. Instead of house prices inflating for the moon, these homes were mostly built and purchased before the housing market boom, and as such, Grande Dunes has had a stable core of homeowners, who've lived there for years.

Only a handful of Grande Dunes homes are for sale at any time, and they've retained their value well - many are still in the three to five million dollar range, even after the housing bubble burst. The handful of properties that are for sale tend to be in their second owner, and are usually sold as part of an estate sale. Because of a strong community program among the homeowners, all of the houses share access to the same landscaping services and tree trimming services, though there are several excellent gardening services focusing on the Myrtle Beach area for you to choose from.

If you're looking for a Grande Dunes home, this is the time to buy - the housing market in the Myrtle Beach area is quite strong, and these houses have a strong demand, if not a lot of volume on the turnover in this property.

Outside of the home, Grande Dunes provides wonderful opportunities for beachcombing, whether it's walking along the beach with the family, looking for driftwood and shells, or just hanging out and enjoying the sun. Of course, it wouldn't be Myrtle Beach without golf. Myrtle Beach's famous golf courses include two in this development - 18 hole championship level courses, designed by top name golf pros. Other resort style amenities, tennis courts, consolidated amenities and shopping, even a spa. Grande Dunes redefines luxury living. Come with us and explore the properties available today!



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